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Feedbac increases your teams collaboration and efficiency!

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Feedbac is a central repository for all of your video projects

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An unlimited number of team mates and clients can join Feedbac to discuss the project

Review and annotate

Review your project versions and make notes, assign tasks, and chat in real-time


Mark for final approval, export to various platforms to share with the world

How teams use Feedbac to save time and money

Created by a production studio for video content creatives

The way I make videos has changed. My creative process now isn’t hampered by misunderstanding.

Michael Fequiere, award-winning film maker

One central platform to review and manage your video project

Your team on one page

Ever have to track down who has worked on which video? Feedbac allows you to add your team to videos and quickly see who is responsible for what. Your team receives emails and in-app notifications to keep them updated.

Your videos in one place

No more searching through files or tracking down the latest version from team members, Feedbac keeps you organized by keeping all of your videos organized on your dashboard.

All feedback is at your fingertip... in an instant

Feedbac is real-time. Every time a collaborator makes a move in Feedbac, you are alerted. Whether it is simply viewing a video adding a comment, or asking a question in our real-time chat, you will always be kept up-to-date. With our in-app growl, email notifications, and real-time updates, Feedbac always keeps you updated on the progress of your review.

Your reviewers are empowered

Change vague feedback ...give your reviewers the tools they need to express their vision. Cut down on your revision time by understanding edits faster and more clearly.

Tasks can be assigned

Tasks are integral to a project’s success. Assign tasks, check off the tasks that are completed,and review. Tasks can also be exported to your project management tool of choice.

Versions are easily tracked

With version control you can keep up-to-date on what the status of your latest edits are, who uploaded them and when and can browse the iterations of your creative process.

Your privacy is managed

Not only are your videos secure, but you can choose who sees them, how long they have access, and what they can do with them.


We integrate with these services and are adding more weekly.

Avoid production purgatory

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